Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to try out to join CIET? 

No. We do ask that you know how to walk, trot, canter, and jump and course of cross rails confidently before you join CIET. This is to make sure that we can comfortably place you in one of our tadpole groups for show-jump and cross-country clinics. 

Do CIET members have to keep their horses at the same barn? 

No. CIET members are welcome to keep their horse at any barn they choose. A list of local barns is available on the Member Resources page.

Do you need your own horse to ride with CIET? 

No, though it is easier if you have your own. Not all members can ride at every clinic and sometimes they will lend out their horses to members that do not have one. Additionally, several of the farms that host our clinics have school horses that they will let CIET riders use in clinics for an additional fee. Many riders also lease horses locally during the semester so that they have a guaranteed ride for clinics and horse trials.

Do CIET members have to train with the same trainer? 

No. CIET offers members clinics each month that are heavily discounted according to how many hours you have volunteered with the team. This way, we have an opportunity to ride together on a regular basis, but also get the chance to learn from different trainers, while maintaining individual training programs if desired. Members are not required to attend clinics, they are just one of the many benefits offered to our riders.